camalapse 4 - new design, now supports more weight

about the camalapse 4

The camalapse 4 can help create panning time-lapse videos or steady panoramic images with most digital cameras, action sport cameras and smart phones. Capture up to 360°/60min of pictures or video with the camalapse 4.

Panning: Counter Clockwise up to 360°/60min or less.
Weight: 3.9 ounces
Product Size: 2.7in x 2.7in x 2.3in , 68mm x 68mm x58mm
Packaging Size: 2.7in x 2.7in x 2.7in , 68mm x 68mm x68mm
Externals: Metal threaded tripod adapters top and bottom. Plastic enclosure.
Internals: Upgraded metal and plastic internal timing mechanism.
Uses: Water resistant but not water proof. Not suitable for use on moving objects.

Cameras up to 5lbs, action sport cameras and smart phones (tripod adapter and software may be required). DSLR cameras may require a balance plate. Use with or without a tripod. Due to the weight/balance and location of the tripod mounts on various cameras, we can’t recommend the camalapse 4 for all cameras. However, you might find that if your camera is small, lightweight (less than 80oz/2.27kg/5lb) and fairly center balanced, the camalapse 4 may work for your particular camera.

Simply attach your camera to the top of the camalapse 4 via a tripod adapter (if necessary) and either attach the camalapse 4 to a tripod or set on a low/flat/stable surface. Point your camera where you would like the video to end and while firmly holding the bottom half of the camalapse 4, twist the top portion of the camalapse 4 to the right so that the camera is pointed towards your starting point. Click record or start your built-in intervalometer on your camera and you are all set. (tripod, camera and tripod adapter not included – shown in pictures for example only). Click to view retail packaging instruction insert.

1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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Left to right panning
You can achieve clockwise panning by:
1. Hanging the camalapse 4 upside down (we do not recommend this for cameras over 1lb/16oz). Click here for example.
2. Reversing footage in your movie making software (good for landscapes but not for time lapse that would include people or cars that would obviously look like they are reversed)
3. Mirror or flip the footage in your movie making software (good for situations where it would not be easy to spot the mirroring effect - i.e. text would be wrong, cars would look like they are on the wrong side of the road)

Faster rotations
Stack 2 together for faster and more rotations. 720°/60min or 360°/30min

Vertical Panning
The camalapse 4 can be used for vertical pans for cameras less than 1lb/16oz. Using a tridpod that allows a 90 degree tilt, turn the camalapse sideways and then use an adapter to reorient your camera horizontal. Click here for example.

DSLR and balance plates
If your DSLR is not center balanced and you need an adapter to help, please consider the Neewer 4 Way Macro Focusing Focus Rail Slider or something similar (4-Way adjustable). A balance plate will help you to micro adjust the balance of your camera so that it's weight is properly centered over the camalapse unit.


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